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College and School Policies

It is the policy of the School of Arts and Sciences to follow all SUNY and BSC policies. Where there are contradictions note the order of precedence. Note that Letters of Expectation only apply until continuing appointment.


Shared Governance


School of Arts and Sciences

2022-2023 Steering Council and College Senators

Steering Council

Speaker (2022-2023)
Kevin Williams

Earth Sciences and Science Education

Vice Speaker (2022-2023)
Lisa Berglund

English Department

Secretary (2022-2023)
Meg Knowles

Communication Department


At-large representative (2022-2023)
Mark Warford

Modern and Classical Languages Department

Voting member who does not hold continuing appointment representative (2021-2022)
Therese Fuerst

Communication Department


Bylaws & Elections Committee Chair                                                    Barish Ali (English)

Curriculum Committee Chair                                                                Emily Boyce (Music)

Personnel Committee Chair                                                                   Joseph Marren (Communication)

Contingent Faculty Welfare Committee Chair                                        Roy Bakos (College Writing Program)

Senate Liaison                                                                                      Sue Maguire (Anthropology)

Bylaws & Election (B&E) Committee members

B&E Committee member - Arts (2021-2023)                                         Victoria Furby (Music)

B&E Committee member - Humanities  (2022-2024)                             Barish Ali (English), Chair

B&E Committee member - Natural Sciences (2021-2023)                       David Abbott (Physics)

B&E Committee member - Social Sciences (2022-2024)                         Kimberly Hart (Anthropology)

B&E Committee member – At-Large (2021-2023)                                 Bridget Chesterton (History & SSE)

Curriculum Committee members

Curriculum Committee member – Arts   (2021-2023)                             Emily Boyce (Music), Chair

Curriculum Committee member – Arts   (2022-2024)                             Brent Patterson (Art & Design)

Curriculum Committee member – Humanities  (2021-2023)                    Timothy Bryant (English)

Curriculum Committee member – Humanities  (2022-2024)                    Ann Liao (Mod & Cl Lang)

Curriculum Committee member – Natural Sciences (2021-2023)             Jeffrey Morton (Mathematics)*

Curriculum Committee member – Natural Sciences (2022-2024)             Gary Solar (Earth Sciences)

Curriculum Committee member – Social Sciences (2021-2023)              Julie Wieczkowski (Anthropology)

Curriculum Committee member – Social Sciences (2022-2024)              Jason Knight (Geography)

Curriculum Committee member – At-Large       (2021-2023)                 Yola Stockton (Art & Design)

*Completing Stephanie Foraker’s term

Personnel Committee members

Personnel Committee member – Arts (2021-2024)                                  Ricky Fleming (Music)

Personnel Committee member – Humanities (2021-2023)                       Joseph Marren (Communication), Chair

Personnel Committee member – Natural Sciences (2021-2024)               Mark Severson (Chemistry)

Personnel Committee member – Social Sciences (2021-2023)                 Lisa Marie Anselmi (Anthropology)

Personnel Committee member – At-Large  (2021-2024)                          Jennifer Ryan-Bryant (English)

Contingent Faculty Welfare Committee members

Contingent Faculty Welfare Cmte member – Arts (2022-2023)               Raymond Boucher (Theater)

Contingent Faculty Welfare Cmte member – Humanities (2022-2023)     Ed Taylor (English)

Contingent Faculty Welfare Cmte member – Natural Sci. (2022-2023)    -no candidate-

Contingent Faculty Welfare Cmte member – Social Sci. (2022-2023)      Joyce Joyce (Sociology)

Contingent Faculty Welfare Cmte member – At-Large (2022-2023)         Roy Bakos (College Writing Program)

College Senators


Senator – Arts*                                                                                    Timothy Bryant (English)                    

Senator – Humanities                                                                            Peter Ramos (English)

Senator – Natural Sciences                                                                    Kevin Williams (Earth Sciences)

Senator – Social Sciences                                                                      Suparna Soni (Pol Sci & Pub Admin)

*This seat will revert to an Arts representative in 2023


Senator – Arts                                                                                      Candace Masters (Art & Design)

Senator – Humanities                                                                            John Draeger (Philosophy)

Senator – Natural Sciences                                                                    Arjun Pathak (Physics)

Senator – Social Sciences                                                                      Sue Maguire (Anthropology), Liaison


Senator – Arts                                                                                      Jennifer Toohey (Theater)        

Senator – Humanities                                                                            Jason Grinnell (Philosophy)                 

Senator – Natural Sciences                                                                    Jill Norvilitis (Psychology)                  

Senator – Social Sciences                                                                      Andrew Nichols (History and SSE)


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