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School Procedures and Practices

Shared Governance


Arts and Sciences Steering Council and School Committees

Steering Council

Speaker (2021-2022)
Kevin Williams

Earth Sciences and Science Education

Vice Speaker (2021-2022)
Deborah Silverman

Communication Department

Secretary (2021-2022)
Meg Knowles

Communication Department


At-large representative (2021-2022)
Lisa Berglund

English Department

Voting member who does not hold continuing appointment representative (2021-2022)
Therese Fuerst

Communication Department


Bylaws & Election (B&E) Committee

B&E Committee member - Arts (2021-2023)                       Victoria Furby

B&E Committee member - Humanities (2021-2022)             Barish Ali

B&E Committee member - Natural Sciences (2021-2023)     David Abbott

B&E Committee member - Social Sciences (2021-2022)       Kimberly Hart

B&E Committee member – At-Large (2021-2023)                Bridget Chesterton

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee member - Arts (2021-2022)             Ann Emo

Curriculum Committee member - Arts (2021-2022)             Emily Boyce

Curriculum Committee member - Humanities (2021-2023)   Timothy Bryant

Curriculum Committee member - Humanities (2021-2023)    Mark Warford

Curriculum Committee member - Natural Sciences (2021-2022)               Stephani Foraker

Curriculum Committee member - Natural Sciences (2021-2022)               Gary Solar

Curriculum Committee member - Social Sciences (2021-2023)                 Julie Wieczkowski

Curriculum Committee member – Social Sciences (2021-2023)                 Jason Knight (Geography)

Curriculum Committee member – At-Large (2021-2023)                          Jennifer Ryan-Bryant (English)

Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee member - Arts (2021-2024)                                   Ricky Fleming

Personnel Committee member - Humanities (2021-2023)                         Joseph Marren

Personnel Committee member - Natural Sciences (2021-2024)                 Mark Severson

Personnel Committee member - Social Sciences (2021-2023)                   Lisa Marie Anselmi

Personnel Committee member – At-Large (2021-2024)                            Yola Stockton (Art&Design)


Senator – Arts                                                                                       Candace Masters (Art&Design)

Senator – Humanities                                                                            John Draeger (Philosophy)

Senator – Natural Sciences                                                                    Arjun Pathak (Physics)

Senator – Social Sciences                                                                      Sue Maguire (Anthropology)


Senator – Arts*                                                                                     Timothy Bryant (English)                     

Senator – Humanities                                                                            Peter Ramos (English)

Senator – Natural Sciences                                                                    Kevin Williams (ESSE)

Senator – Social Sciences                                                                      Suparna Soni (PolSci&PubAdmin)


Senator – Arts                                                                                       Aaron Daniel Annas (Communication)  

Senator – Humanities                                                                            Jason Grinnell (Philosophy)                  

Senator – Natural Sciences                                                                    David Ettestad (Physics)                       

Senator – Social Sciences**                                                                   Mark Severson (Chemistry) – completing Michael Lazich’s term (retired) (SS)

*This seat will revert to an Arts representative in 2023

**This seat will revert to Social Sciences in 2022




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