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Academic Probation

Academic Probation

You are not alone in experiencing these difficulties. We know there are many reasons, including personal, financial, health, family, etc., that may lead to poor academic performance.

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We want to give you an opportunity to explain what went wrong, and make an appeal to have your dismissal rescinded. Contact the Dean's Office at (716) 878-6326.

Appealing Academic Dismissal FAQ

How do I appeal this dismissal?

You must complete and submit this Academic Dismissal Appeal Form by the deadline set in your dismissal e-mail and letter. Contact the Dean's Office at (716) 878-6326, or visit our office in Rockwell Hall 222.

Failure to submit an application by the deadline will forfeit your right to appeal, and you will be immediately dismissed. Upon dismissal, all fall registrations, housing contracts, and meal plans will be administratively canceled by the college.

What happens if my appeal is approved?

If your appeal is approved, you will be expected to 1.) develop a plan of action with the help of a probationary adviser, and 2.) sign a contract indicating your willingness to take these actions during the upcoming semester. 

What if my appeal is denied?

If your appeal is denied, there is one additional level of appeal. More information will be provided to you about the second appeal process if this occurs.

What if I am already registered for summer courses?

If you are registered for summer courses at Buffalo State you will be allowed to keep those registrations.

However, it is imperative that you discuss your summer courses with the dean’s office as soon as possible, as the courses may not be helpful to your academic recovery.

Summer courses will not be administratively dropped by the college. You must drop your own summer courses if you no longer wish to attend summer school at Buffalo State. If you do not make academic progress in your summer classes, your dismissal will be finalized in August.

What if I choose not to appeal?

Sometimes it’s better to take time off. You may need time to resolve a family crisis, deal with financial problems, or take care of other life issues. It’s possible you have lost your state (TAP) or federal financial aid. Taking time off from college can prevent the possibility of adding additional costs for tuition, housing, etc. After one year, you can reapply to Buffalo State.

I need more information to make a decision

If you have any questions about this dismissal, Contact the Dean's Office at (716) 878-6326, or visit our office in Rockwell Hall 222. Please be sure to indicate to the secretary that you wish to discuss your dismissal appeal.


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