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Anthropology, B.A.

Anthropology (Minor)
Forensic Anthropology (Minor)
Indigenous Studies (Minor)

Artwork hanging on a wall

Art and Design

Art, B.A.
Art Education (PK-12), B.F.A.
Art History, B.A.
Ceramics, B.F.A.
Digital Design and Fabrication (Certificate)
Fiber Arts (Certificate)
Fibers, B.F.A.
Graphic Design, B.F.A.
Interior Design, B.F.A. 
Jewelry Arts, (Certificate)
Metals/Jewelry, B.F.A.
Painting, B.F.A.
Photography, B.F.A.
Printmaking, B.F.A.
Sculpture, B.F.A.
Wood/Furniture, B.F.A.

Art Therapy (Minor)
Art History (Minor)
Design (Minor)
Apparel Construction and Patternmaking (Minor)
Fashion (Minor)
Fashion Design (Minor)
Drafting Technologies for Interior Design (Minor)
Interior Design Studies (Minor)
Drawing (Minor)
Painting (Minor)
Photography (Minor)
Printmaking (Minor)
Sculpture (Minor)

Art Education M.S.Ed
Art Education PTC

Art Conservation student working on a painting

Art Conservation

Art Conservation, M.A., C.A.S.



Biology, B.A.
Biology B.S. 

Biology (Minor)

Biology M.A.


Two chemistry students


Chemistry, B.S.
Forensic Chemistry, B.S.

Chemistry (Minor)

Forensic Science M.S.

Students in the TV production studio


Communication Studies, B.A.
Journalism, B.A.
Media Production, B.A.
Public Relations and Advertising, B.A.
Sports Communication (Certificate)

Speech (Minor)

Public Relations (Online) M.S.

Group of students outside

Earth Sciences and Science Education

Earth Sciences, B.S.
Geology, B.S.

Astronomy (Minor)
Environmental Science (Minor)
Geology (Minor)
Environment and Society (Minor)

Science Education M.S.Ed


Pen and pie chart

Economics and Finance

Economics, B.A.
Economics, B.S.

Business Economics (Minor)
Economic Policy Analysis (Minor)
International Economics (Minor)

Applied Economics M.A.


Hands typing on a laptop


English, B.A.
Writing, B.A.
English Education (7-12), B.S.

Film Studies (Minor)
Literary Studies (Minor)
English Education (Minor)
Writing (Minor)

Technical Writing (Certificate)

English M.A.
English Education (7-12) M.S.Ed
English Education (7-12) PTC


U.S. maps

Geography and Planning

Environmental Geography, B.S.
Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)
Geography, B.A.
Urban and Regional Planning, B.S.
Urban and Regional Planning (Minor)

Geographic Information Systems (Minor)
Geography (Minor)
Meteorology and Climatology (Minor)



an ancient stone bust

History and Social Studies Education

History, B.A.
Social Studies Education (7-12), B.S.
Social Studies Education (7-12;5-6 Extension), B.S.

History (Minor)
Museum Studies (Minor)

History M.A.
Museum Studies GCP
Museum Studies M.A.
Social Studies Education (7-12) PTC
Social Studies Education (7-12) M.S.Ed
Social Studies Education (7-12; 5-6 Extension) PTC


Students working at a table


Mathematics, B.A.
Mathematics Education (7-12), B.S.
Mathematics Education (7-12; 5-6 Extension), B.S.
Mathematics, Applied, B.S.
Statistics In Insurance, (Certificate)

Mathematics (Minor)

Mathematics Education (7-12) M.S.Ed
Mathematics Education (7-12) PTC
Mathematics Education (7-12; 5-6 Extension) PTC
Professional Applied and Computational Mathematics M.S.


Faculty member writing on a white board

Modern and Classical Languages

Spanish, B.A.
World Languages Advantage, (Certificate)

French and Francophone Culture (Minor)
Italian (Minor)
Professional French (Minor)
Spanish (Minor)




Music student on a keyboard


Music, B.A.
Music Education (Pre-K-12), Mus.B.

Digital Music Production (Minor)

Music Education MAM


Students in a classroom


Mathematical Logic, (Certificate)
Philosophy, B.A.

Ethics (Minor)
Philosophy (Minor)
Religious Studies (Minor)

Physics student working in the lab


Physics, B.A.
Physics, B.S.

Physics (Minor)

Physics Education (7-12) M.S.Ed


U.S. Capitol building with reflecting pool

Political Science and Public Administration

International Relations, B.A.
Political Science, B.A.

International Relations (Minor)
Legal Studies (Minor)
Political Science (Minor)
Public Administration and Nonprofit Management (Minor)

Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management MPA
Public Management GCP

Illustration of head with gears


Child Advocacy Studies, (Certificate)
Psychology, B.S.
Psychology, B.A.

Gerontology (Minor)
Psychology (Minor)


paperdoll cutouts


Sociology, B.A.

Deviance (Minor)
Sociology (Minor)


Actress on stage


Theater, B.A.

Dance (Minor)
Theater (Minor)



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