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Travel policies and procedures at Buffalo State College must conform to the policies and procedures of the state of New York. Those policies, including the travel manual and per diem rates, are available at

Please use all processes, procedures, and forms at



Only Full-Time Faculty are eligible for travel funding through Arts and Sciences. Faculty are expected to utilize any available UUP Individual Development Awards before seeking funding from the Dean's office. These funds can be used to offset the percentage not reimbursed by the Dean's office.


The Dean's office uses the following process for supporting faculty and staff travel:

Travel requests are reviewed and approved as they are received. Travel requests may be submitted before official notification of acceptance at a conference.

Faculty members are generally limited to $800 annually.  Presenting a paper will have a higher priority than simple conference attendance. Supporting travel for pre-tenure faculty is a priority. Travel with students where students are co-presenters is also a priority.

Additional reimbursement can be negotiated in advance for training or travel directly related to a School or College Strategic Priority.


1. You MUST submit a College Travel Authorization Estimated Expense Form well before you travel. This serves three purposes: to notify your chair and dean about upcoming work-related absences, to provide a mechanism by which the funds are encumbered to ensure payment for your travel, and to enable us to budget and plan accordingly. Travel forms and information can be found here: For airfare, please follow the instructions found here: This includes information about the Business Travel Account through the state contract vendor Direct Travel. If a traveler choses another carrier that is not under state contract, the traveler is obligated to provide a quote from Direct Travel, our campus BTA. This is required with all Travel Vouchers and Travel Card reconciliations. The web travel links are especially useful for per diem rates for lodging and meals as well as mileage rates for use of personal vehicle.

2. In the travel purpose section on the Travel Authorization Form the employee should provide a brief statement which relates the travel to a college business purpose served by their attendance. Documentation pertaining to the meeting, conference, etc., which will verify the location, dates and duration of the event, registration information showing the cost and what’s included in the fee, and hotel rates should be submitted with the travel authorization form prior to the trip. If a travel authorization form is not filled out prior to the trip, the required documents must be attached to the travel voucher. This will help expedite the reimbursement process.

3. The Accounting Office advises that travelers please take caution when planning travel and be aware that business travel must be taken in the most cost efficient and reasonable manner as possible since reimbursement is solely based on such.

4. Within two weeks of receipt of the Travel Authorization, the dean’s office will notify the traveler of the amount allocated from the dean’s travel budget, and that amount will be properly encumbered.

5. Should your travel plans be canceled, you must notify the dean’s office so we may disencumber the funds set aside for your trip.

6. Warning: If you apply for a travel reimbursement (submit a Travel Voucher) without a prior Travel Authorization, there is no guarantee that funds from the dean’s office will be available to reimburse you.

7. For hotel stays in NYS, you must give the hotel a completed a tax exempt form found here: You will not be reimbursed for NYS occupancy taxes charged on a NYS hotel bill, so it is in your best interest to have this form with you at the hotel.



As soon as possible upon your return, you MUST complete your NYS travel voucher, with all original receipts and supporting business-purpose documentation. Your reimbursable expenses are summarized on this form and there are sections to record your personal information, your signature, and the approval signature of your supervisor. If you traveled using your personal vehicle, the Statement of Automobile Travel Form must also be attached.

Warning: Travel funds expire with each fiscal year. Delay in submitting a completed travel voucher may result in a loss of funds for reimbursement due to the lapsing fiscal year.


Foreign travel (including Canada) requires completion of a Foreign Travel Disclosure Form. This form should be attached to the Travel Authorization Form. s/Export%20Controls/Foreign%20Travel%20Authorization.pdf When submitting a voucher for foreign travel, please indicate on your receipts what they are. For example, hotel, parking, transportation, meals, etc. Also, be sure to convert the currency to U.S. dollars and attach the currency sheet to verify the date and amount of the transaction. You can use the online OANDA Currency Converter. The travel person in Accounts Payable and Travel Office is Mary Taylor at x 4117


Registration fees for a conference may be pre-paid using a NYS Procurement Card. If an employee chooses to pay for a registration fee with their personal funds, they may do so, but they will not be reimbursed until after the event takes place. They can submit their reimbursement request on a travel voucher along with the original receipt and required documentation. 


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