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Mission, Vision, Values


The School of Arts and Sciences transforms student lives through rigorous scholarship, artistic expression, and engaged global citizenship.


We, the School of Arts and Sciences, are committed to:

  • an inclusive campus of diverse viewpoints, social and natural environmental stewardship, local action, and global thinking;
  • recognition of the interconnectedness and transformative power of creative, humane, scientific, and social perspectives;
  • excellence in scholarship and creative achievement in the arts and sciences;
  • applied learning as a means to create broadly educated and engaged thinkers who are well prepared to improve their worlds;
  • creating connections that spark new and innovative approaches across disciplines;
  • shared and transparent governance across all units in support of an experienced and adaptable faculty;
  • highest standards of integrity, civility, professionalism, and respect for all persons.


The School of Arts and Sciences will:

  • develop interdisciplinary connections, study abroad opportunities, and community partnerships for twenty-first century global careers;
  • deliver inclusive and innovative programs that foster creative and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and global sustainability;
  • produce ethical, creative, curious professionals with a commitment to life-long learning and
  • respect for the interconnectedness of knowledge.

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School of Arts and Sciences

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